SABC 48 Hours - Episode 20 Forensics

We investigate criminology in this episode of 48hours. Thaloki is interested in a career in Forensic Fraud. 48 Hours introduces her to forensic investigator Lauren who shows her how to put a case file together. Entrepreneur Chad shows her the opportunities available in forensic fraud.

Great episode of 48 hours on SABC TV, first featuring an IRS employee mentoring a prospective investigator, and then an IRS director explains the role of the private investigation industry.

Wanted Suspect Caught After More Than a Decade

A well-known businessman from Mossel Bay, who has allegedly been running from the law for approximately the last 14 years, was arrested by members of the Mossel Bay police and an independent financial crimes investigation company, IRS Forensic Investigations, at his home in Muller Street last night.

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Fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker Running Scams Again

Convicted fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker has successfully managed to con hundreds of individuals over more than a decade of their hard-earned savings and now he has been discovered running new fraudulent operations in Queensburgh, south of Durban.

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eNCA Checkpoint - Thieves in Suits

Checkpoint investigates a company named Labour law services. It has employees believing that it can help them get payment from employers after unfair dismissal.​

eNCA Checkpoint - Forex Fraud

Enticed by the belief they could make easy money, the people featured in this investigation learned a hard and expensive lesson.

eNCA Devi - A Tightly Wound Scam and a Funny Girl from Paarl

We all know enough not to fall for an email scam, right? But what if the scamsters have become so sophisticated, they use multiple tactics to create a layered con? And She’s got great hair, a great smile and tons of jokes. Comedian, Lindy Johnson has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the competitive comedy scene. In a few short years, she’s gone from participating in a university talent show to being tapped by Trevor Noah. But, despite her confidence, it hasn’t always been easy, and while Covid-19 has brought a new challenge, this young lady isn’t about to lose her sense of humour.

Cape Gangs Start Security Firms to Gain Access to Guns

Gangs in the Western Cape are opening security companies as a front to get firearms, warns a criminologist.

This article highlights the work being done by Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority in clamping down on rogue security providers, with comment by Chad Thomas from IRS.

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IRS Forensic Investigations Reports Rise in PPE Related Fraud

Chief executive Chad Thomas says the majority of complaints are of none supply of goods that have already been paid for.
With the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) increases, several scams have emerged.
Chief executive of IRS Forensic Investigations Chad Thomas says they have been approached by several companies asking for help to find criminals who run off with their money.
Speaking to Joanne Joseph, Thomas says with the lockdown regulations, clients could not travel to go inspect the goods.

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Fraudsters Make Millions from Covid-19 Protective Gear Scams

As the country went into Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown in March and the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) increased, several scams emerged, targeting companies and government departments in need of surgical masks, sanitisers and gloves.

Article in City Press about PPE fraud and associated investigation by IRS into criminal syndicates.

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SABC - Illicit Cigarette Trade Costs South Africas Economy Billions of Rands

The illicit trade in tobacco, especially cigarettes, costs South Africa's economy billions of rands annually through the loss of tax revenue. According to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), the estimated loss through the illegal cigarette trade for the 2015/16 financial year was R6 billion.

And it seems, the illegal cigarette trade will thrive due to the ban on legal sales in the country.

The continued ban forms part of the state's regulations governing the Covid-19 lockdown and has been in place since March 27.

Chad Thomas, CEO at IRS Forensic Investigations joins me now.

Stellenbosch Police Ask Were You Defrauded by This Man

Stellenbosch police are seeking the assistance of women who have been defrauded by a man with the name of Rudi Brits.
It is alleged that Brits befriended wealthy women on a social media platform which led to romantic relationships. After moving in with the victims, he would borrow substantial amounts of money from them and disappear with the money and expensive household goods.

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