Background of the IRS Directors


Chad Thomas

Chad has 30 years' experience in law enforcement. He was a member of the Special Investigations component of the South African Corps of Military Police before transferring to the intelligence corps.

Chad worked during the CODESA period leading up to the 1994 first democratic elections in an intelligence and investigative capacity. Chad received the achiever of the month award in April 1994, the month of the first democratic elections. Upon leaving the South African Corps of Military Police, Chad received the prestigious Officer Commanding Merit Award for outstanding service to the Witwatersrand Command Provost Unit.

Chad became an Associate of the Arbitration Association of Southern Africa (AASA) in 2009; and is currently a member of the mediation and arbitration panel of the ADR Network South Africa. He is a graduate of The South African Institute of Corporate Fraud Management, a graduate of the South African Institute of Security, an honorary member and advisor to the board of the South African Institute of Professional Investigators (SAIPI), and the founder of the Independent Investigators Alliance south Africa (IASA).


Glenda Paul

Glenda has over 25 years' experience in investigations. Glenda is an ex-member of the South African Police Service (SAPS) having completed her training in 1995. Her last posting was in the elite Johannesburg Flying Squad. She received the Outstanding Performance Award from SAPS (1996), amongst others, for her contribution to policing in the Umkomaas district (award issued from the KZN Minister of Safety & Security, Mr N Singh MEC).

Glenda has 10 years' experience in fraud and financial restitution duties at two of South Africa's largest retail banks and for South Africa's largest private bank. Glenda is recognised by the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators as a law enforcement and credit card fraud specialist and has full Forensic Practitioner status from the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners.