Joburgs Underworld Killing Fields

Newspaper article about the latest underworld killing in Johannesburg with comments by Chad Thomas from IRS Forensic Investigations.Newspaper article about the latest underworld killing in Johannesburg with comments by Chad Thomas from IRS Forensic Investigations.

THE Serbian businessman killed in a movie-style drive-by shooting in Ekurhuleni is the latest victim to be murdered in a mostly eastern European mafia gang war that has turned Gauteng into a mini underworld battlefield.Two forensic investigators with a long history of tracking the underworld have given explosive insight into the deadly activities of these gangs, who are suspected of executing George Mihaljevic on Monday.

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SABC Special Assignment - To Catch a Con Star (3-Part)

Ever wondered what makes a con artist tick? Ever wonder to what lengths a con artist will go to achieve their nefarious act?

This 3 part series on the award winning SABC TV's Special Assignment, produced and presented by the multiple award winning Hazel Friedman, examines multiple allegations of crimes made against a dual South African / American citizen with alleged crimes ranging from fraud, extortion, impersonation of a law enforcement officer, kidnapping and so much more.

This is the story "To Catch a Con Star" which went from Yeoville to Hollywood, involved SAPS and the FBI.

To "Catch a Con Star" was a joint SABC Special Assignment and IRS Forensic Investigations collaboration.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

BMW Dealer Implicated in R380m Fraud Claims

The biodiesel trading company that has allegedly defrauded more than 800 clients out of a suspected R380 million has now been linked to dodgy deals involving BMW dealerships across Gauteng.

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Sugan Deon Naicker Wanted for New Cases of Fraud

IRS investigation into scammer featured in local article

IRS investigation into scammer featured in local article.Serial fraudster & con-artist, Sugan Deon Naicker has committed new counts of fraud despite his arrest & impending cases, he was nabbed last year in a joint operation with SAPS & IndianSpice Investigative unit KALI.

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BTC Global is a Load of Crypto Crap

A Johannesburg woman at the centre of what is alleged to be South Africa’s biggest cryptocurrency scam says she has been receiving death threats and has had to lay criminal charges against a man who threatened her at her home.

Latest newspaper article about the BTC Global scam which is being investigated by SA state law enforcement agencies as well as by several private investigators including IRS, Mike Bolhuis, and others.
Thanks to investigative journalist Nivashni Nair for staying on top of the story and keeping the public updated.

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Bank Denies Claims of Negligence in Suspected R500m Fraud

As more victims of the alleged Electio R500 million fraud scheme come forward, Nedbank has denied claims that it is unaware of allegations it may have been complicit or negligent in facilitating the company’s dodgy payments.

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Special Investigation - Cyber Heartbreak

This special investigation looks at the seemingly innocent world of online dating. Thousands of women are being scammed out of millions every year without ever having met the person.

In this joint TV documentary collaboration, TV presenter and producer Michel Appel, together with Glenda Paul from IRS, lay bare the reality of the pain and heartbreak caused by the manipulative so-called "Dating Scammers" in this documentary entitled "Cyber Heartbreak".


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