SABC - Crypto Currency Investment Scam

Hundreds of residents in the Garden Route towns of Knysna and Mossel Bay in the Western Cape have been duped out of their life savings and pensions in an alleged cryptocurrency investment scam. The victims could have lost as much as R5 million. Criminal cases have been opened against the alleged fraudsters, who have since fled the area. A private investigating company found that they operated in the Eastern Cape before making their way to the Garden Route.

Nuuspod - Be Aware of Crime Spikes During Load Shedding Warns Security Analyst

Chad Thomas, a security analyst from IRS Forensic Investigations, said South Africans should brace themselves for an increase in crime during load shedding. Thomas’s warning comes after Eskom announced a continuation of level 2 load shedding for the rest of the week.

According to Thomas contact crimes always increase during times of a big power outage. These crimes include theft out of cars during traffic congestion due to traffic lights not operational. Rape, assault and robbery are also significantly higher during load shedding.

“People living and working in high density areas tend to be the victims of these type of contact crimes,” Thomas said.

In suburban areas people should be on the lookout for house robbers, especially after a long period of power outage. Thomas said load shedding is putting a huge strain on the batteries of alarm systems, electronic gates and electric fencing, especially when it occurs two to three times a day. The battery will deteriorate quicker than normal.

“This gives criminals the perfect opportunity to rob a house, knowing they won’t be bothered by a security company due to an alarm that went off.” Thomas said.

Thomas said to Izak du Plessis there are various steps people can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim during load shedding. Watch the interview to find out how you can safeguard yourself.

Selzer Laws Response to Carte Blanche on Behalf of the Marks

Mirror Trading International - MTI - Update
Clynton and Cheri marks right of reply from their attorneys in full:
Following tonight’s insert on Carte Blanche, the producers have released the full un-redacted reply of the questions that Carte Blanche put to Clynton and Cheri Marks.

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Bitcoin Scheme Mirror Trading International to be Liquidated

The Master of the Cape High Court has appointed four provisional liquidators to track down whatever assets they can from Mirror Trading International (MTI), the bitcoin investment scheme that stopped paying out members’ requests for withdrawals in December after its CEO, Johann Steynberg, went Awol.

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Ponzi Scheme

Drie in hof op string klagtes na ponzi-belegginskema van meer as R11 miljoen in mekaar tuimel.
Marlene en Clive Lewarne, die beweerde meesterbreine agter ’n multi-miljoen rand ponzi-beleggsinskema, het Vrydag vlugtig saam Annelie Smit in die streekhof op Middelburg verskyn, na hul arrestasie vroeër die oggend.

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Sugan Deon Naicker Sentenced to 35 Years Imprisonment

A Durban Regional court has convicted notorious fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker to 35 years imprisonment. The 37-year-old Chatsworth resident pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud amounting to over R500 000, while several cases remain open across the country.

IRS does not believe the matter stops here as there are still other cases that Naicker must account for. The difference now is that he cannot evade arrest or not present himself at court because we know where he is - in prison!
Article via Indian Spice who have been at the forefront of keeping this case in the public domain.

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eNCA Devi - Litigation Funding Fraud

It’s estimated that a master conman and his accomplices may have conned as much as R500-million out of over 300 victims in what’s been described as one of the biggest litigation funding schemes ever, in South Africa. And from being bullied at high school to being a charismatic daredevil behind the wheel of her pink BMW, Stacey Lee May has wormed her way into the hearts of the South African motorsport fraternity.

Pyramid Scheme Accused of Stealing Millions from Hungry South Africans

The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) announced on Tuesday that it had, based on evidence from the National Consumer Commission and Financial Intelligence Centre, frozen the accounts and was investigating a Covid-19 pyramid scheme called Up Money grocery club owned by Jude Matsimela and Sipho Mdhuli.

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